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Simply Slow Cooking is a partnership with the Washington County Extension Agency/SNAP-Ed to provide SNAP participants with not only a cooking class, but also with kitchen supplies to then leave with the ability to prepare their own healthy and affordable meals.  Participants will learn several recipes and get to sample the meals, then will leave with a Crock Pot and a cookbook full of healthy and affordable Crock Pot recipes.



Soil Cycles is a food recovery initiative that redirects food waste away from landfills, turning it into compost. Food waste (fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells etc.) is retrieved regularly from restaurants and coffee shops in Fayetteville by bicycle-pulled trailers and taken to Feed Fayetteville’s Community Food Center to be composted.  This compost not only augments existing soil at the Community Food Center, SNAP and Head Start garden sites to prepare the beds for growing, it also serves as an educational tool to teach children and adults alike about healthy soil and nutrient cycles.   While Soil Cycles provides a very practical service to the gardens, it also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness within the Fayetteville community about food waste and a sustainable local food system.

Food waste is an important topic in hunger relief. In America, 33 million tons of food is wasted per year. See links below for more information on food waste.

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